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We Provide Home Staging: Your Guide To “Attracting Qualified Home Buyers and The Highest and Best Offers Through Home Staging.”


So, you’ve decided to sell your house and you want to attract potential buyers to your home and get a (or multiple) GREAT OFFER/S.


The more qualified buyers you get to your house AND ARE INTERESTED THE BETTER.  

Ideally you want to be in a multi-offer situation (more than one buyer at the same time making offers on your home).

We Provide Professional Photography, Video & 3D Virtual Tours: homes with professional photos and videos sell 35% faster than those without professional photos. 

In fact, data in recent years showed homes with professional photos sold for up to $11,000 more compared to homes without professional photos.

Finally, real estate data show that homes with professional photos and videos are up to 20% more likely to sell. With around 90% of buyers finding their next home online, professional photos are more important than ever to make a great first impression.

We provide Professional Deep Cleaning & Declutter Services: We professionally clean your home before the first showing and when you move out to your new home.


There is no doubt that a clean home sells much faster and at a much higher price

Your home will appeal instantly to buyers if it appears to be clean and tidy. And the home needs to appear clean and tidy through the entire browsing experience for the potential buyer. 

We Provide Professional Marketing Service: Our experienced professional Digital Marketing Team advertise your property on MLS, social media, Newspapers and Overseas.


Social media is a major part of the daily lives of most people these days. With the availability of smartphones, everyone has access to multiple social media platforms. 

One of the biggest advantages of using social media is the opportunity to engage with buyers. This is vital to the home selling process: images and video tours give everyone a chance to see what a house is like before asking for a showing. 

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