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Gary is expert in Real Estate market and fully aware of Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley property area; he has a powerful real estate marketing skills to get his clients the best deal possible whether buying, selling real estate or pre-sale in these areas. This powerful experience allows Gary to work closely with Vancouver’s top developers to negotiate the best pre-sale investments in the region for his clients. Gary has made it his life mission to ensure that his clients achieve their real estate goals. 

He has lived in many areas of the City and is passionate about Vancouver and real estate in this city. He came in British Columbia and lives in the Greater Vancouver Area for over 20 years. He has developed an understanding of the real estate process and knows every aspect of the business. 

He is often described as out-going and friendly, with a caring heart that seeks to help others. Before the days of his real estate, he worked in different marketing companies. He sold various merchandise such as homeware, cosmetics, car wax, and services which are a mobile provider and financial consulting across Canada. He knows how to sell and build a valuable relationship with his clients. Gary doesn’t only focus on Selling and Buying real estate but rather prioritize to build a strong and friendly relationship with clients! 

For Further information please call at +1 604 773 5021

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